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Enter the email address you used to purchase your 2023 tailgate. You can then select your 2023 reserved space directly from the map – you will be the only person who can access it.
The descriptions for the Tailgate areas are available under Tailgating. You are welcome to place additional available tickets in your cart. NOTE your Tailgate comes with General Admission passes – be sure to add them when prompted. Every person in your car must have a pass.
If you are a FOUNDING MEMBER – you will receive an email from us with special instructions just for you.
Renewal Eligibility for Longtime Subscribers
We recognize the loyalty of our longtime subscribers. If you choose not to renew your Tailgate Spot for a particular year but wish to return in the following year, you retain the right to renew. If you communicate with us, you can skip renewing for a single year without forfeiting your renewal privileges.
** Communication is Key: Open communication is essential to maintaining your renewal eligibility. If you’re considering not renewing for a year, please reach out to us and request a temporary break. This will help ensure your right to renew remains intact for the following year.
** Consequences of Non-Renewal Without Prior Notice: If a subscriber decides not to renew their Tailgate Spot without requesting a temporary break in their subscription, they will forfeit the right of renewal. We encourage you to communicate your intention to take a break to retain your future renewal eligibility.
If you have any issues please give us a call at 610-444-1582 or email

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